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Superstor Contender SSC-80 Eighty Gallon

Was: $1,699.00
Now: $1,549.00

The Super Stor Contender Glass-Lined Water Heater is engineered with the highest standards the industry can offer. Each unit is designed to deliver a high volume of domestic hot water, the highest insulation standards and maintenance free operation for many years. Our unique smooth surface coil design will resist lime build up, which can reduce the performance of the heater over its service life. Our unique plastic outer jacket will maintain its appearance without rusting. The extra thick insulation over 2 inch thickness, will save wasted energy normally lost by conventional fiberglass insulation. Environmentally friendly water blown foam is safe for the environment and provides added value in energy savings with each Super Stor Contender Water Heater, which is backed by a 7-year manufacturer's warranty.

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