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  Radiant Heat Products - Hydronic Floor Heating, High Efficiency Boilers, Argo Boilers, Buderus Boilers, Dunkirk Boilers, Elite Boilers, Laars Boilers, Munchkin Boilers, Peerless Boilers, Pioneer Boilers, Phoenix Boilers, Viessmann Boilers, Runtal Radiators, Reznor Garage Heater, Indirect Hot Water Tanks, and Brazepak Heat Exchangers

Radiant Heat Products and Hydronic Heating

We Can Handle ALL of Your Radiant Heat and Hydronic Heating Needs

We are a full service Radiant Heat supply company offering Radiant Heat Design Services, Full System Estimates, and Complete Technical Support to DIY'ers, Contractors, and Architects. We have designed thousands of low cost radiant heat systems across the United States and Canada. Our staff has over 20 years of field experience. We know what works!

What is Hydronic Heating?

Hydronic, or radiant floor heating is a method of heating a home, shop, or other building with the heat concentrated in the floor.

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We Sell Hydronic Boilers, Heat Exchangers, Indirect Hot Water Tanks and more!

We sell many High Efficiency Boilers including Argo Boilers, Buderus Boilers, Dunkirk Boilers, Elite Boilers, Laars Boilers, Munchkin Boilers, Peerless Boilers, Pioneer Boilers, Phoenix Boilers, and Viessmann Boilers. We also carry accessories and components such as pex tubing, thermostats, boiler controls, fittings, expansion tanks, control panels, air vents, pressure regulators, backflow devices, pumps, and other products to complete your radiant system.

High Efficiency Boilers
Boiler Components

High Efficiency Hydronic Boilers


Brazed Plate Heat Exchangers

Brazed Plate-Flat Plate Heat Exchangers

Brazed Plate-Flat Plate heat exchangers offer the highest level of thermal efficiency and durability in a compact, low cost unit. Brazed Plate-Flat Plate units are ideal as refrigerant condensers and evaporators, as oil coolers for engines, HVAC and many other applications.


High Efficiency Boilers

High Efficiency Hydronic Boilers

High efficiency Boilers including electric, condensing, cast iron, modulating, (MODCON) have an annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE) rating of 85% or greater. They achieve greater efficiency with improved features, including:

  • Electric ignition, which eliminates the need to have the pilot light burning all the time.
  • New combustion technologies that extract more heat from the same amount of fuel.
  • Sealed combustion that uses outside air to fuel the burner, reducing draft and improving safety

Indirect Hot Water Tanks

Indirect Hot Water Tanks

Indirect water heaters offer a more efficient choice for most homes, even though they require a storage tank. An indirect water heater uses the main furnace or boiler to heat a fluid that's circulated through a heat exchanger in the storage tank. The energy stored by the water tank allows the furnace to turn off and on less often, which saves energy. Therefore, an indirect water heater is used with a high-efficiency boiler and well-insulated tank can be the least expensive means of providing hot water.


Reznor Garage Heater

Reznor Garage Heater

Suspended from the ceiling of a Factory, Box Store or Warehouse, unit heaters provide an excellent solution for Doorway Heating, Freeze Protection, Space Heating, and summer time air circulation.




The Versa-Hydro-Solar Combined Hydronic Appliance from HTP represents the latest innovations in hydronic heating technology. The Versa-Hydro is the first device available in the U.S. to integrate a high-efficiency water heater with a heating element, providing both domestic hot water and space heating with one compact, efficient device. The modulating condensing gas appliance operates at 93% combustion efficiency and 96% thermal efficiency, contributing not only to the environment's well-being, but to the consumer's as well. The all-in-one design of the Versa-Hydro results in considerable space and cost savings, setting a new standard for environmental responsibility, energy conservation, and consumer convenience.

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